Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does “Learn to Learn” mean?

    Learn to Learn means that certain skills help people learn better.  Research has shown that the Learn to Learn Skills – oral communication, working with others, continuous learning, and thinking skills – help facilitate the other essential skills and people’s ability to learn.

  • What are the four Learn to Learn skills?

    Continuous Learning, Oral Communication, Working With Others, and Thinking Skills

  • What’s the difference between Essential Skills and Learn to Learn Skills?

    They are one and the same. The Learn to Learn Skills are four of the nine Essential Skills that have been shown to be integral to learning. To see why these four skills – oral communication, working with others, continuous learning, and thinking skills – stand out from the rest of the nine Essential Skills, read the Best Practices Report in the Employers section of the site.

  • Why the comparison between Olympians and Trades people?

    Olympian status can be described as the top achievement in an athlete’s career. To get this far in one’s career, it takes dedication and refined essential skills. To be a top trades person, one also needs to be dedicated and refine their essential skills. We make the comparison between Olympians and Trades people to show how all people require the same basic skills to succeed in their chosen field is. Perhaps you are striving for a Gold medal or a Red Seal Ticket; either way you will need Essential Skills to succeed.

  • What are the thinking skills and why is this skill broken down into other categories?

    The thinking skills are problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, job task planning and organizing, significant use of memory, and finding information. There are many forms of thinking which is why this skill is broken down into smaller categories.

  • Why do I need to know about essential skills?

    Whether you are an apprentice, instructor, or employer there are multiple benefits to understanding and utilizing the essential skills. We all need essential skills to build a strong foundation for success in any field of our choosing. Simply, essential skills prepare us to learn new information in our world. Read more in the “What’s in it for me?” sections of the site.

  • As an employer, how do essential skills benefit me?

    Research has shown that essential skills training provides a good return on your investment. For every dollar you spend on essential skills training, you get back a dollar sixty. It also increases employee safety, job satisfaction and retention rates, which means a better work environment. Read more about how essential skills affect you and your company in the “What’s in it for me?” section of the website.

  • Why should I spend time teaching essential skills to my students?

    When your students are successful, you are successful. It’s a direct reflection on your abilities to support the student in their learning, resulting in greater pass rates for the school. By teaching students essential skills, you can become a more effective instructor. Read more about why it is important to teach essential skills in the “What’s in it for me?” section of the website.

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