Improve Your Skills

The intent of this site is to support you all the way through your technical training. The UAPICBC wants to see you excel in your trade and is committed to providing you with the tools to do so. 


Test Your Skills


Look at Your Trade Requirements

The following are competency profile charts for plumbing, sprinklerfitting, steam/pipefitting, and welding. These skill charts, also called dakem charts, show you the skills and competencies required at each level of Apprenticeship. As the level of study increases, so does the complexity of skills required to excel. See what essential skills you will need to become a successful apprentice.


Assess your skills

Each trade requires a different level of essential skills. You should understand the level of essential skills you possess and if it’s adequate for the trade you are in, or are thinking of entering. Here is an online assessment tool from the Industry Training Authority (ITA) to help you assess your competency level. Get started with the assessment by clicking here.


Rate your level of Essential Skills

Review your level of essential skills competencies by completing these checklists.

The following chart depicts the essential skills required for a strong foundation on which to base your learning. The skills are divided into Basic Employability Skills, Basic Workplace Knowledge, and Basic Workplace Skills. Look at the chart to see what it takes.

This essential skills self-appraisal will help you judge your current skill base. By completing this questionnaire, you can determine a baseline for which you can start building on your existing skills.


Complete Self-Assessments

Discover where your strengths and weaknesses lay and begin to implement the learning needed to build a strong foundation of skills for the piping industry. Start by assessing your level of Learn to Learn skills so that you are prepared to improve your other essential skills.

The Essential Skills Self-Assessment for the Trades questionnaire will allow you to assess your strengths and identify where you need skill improvement. This is an integral step to building a strong foundation of skills. Click here to get started.

Following is a list of self-assessments on Learn to Learn skills. This is a great exercise to test your competency.

Following is a list of self-assessments on Essential Skills – more great resources to test your competency level.


Learn Tips on How to Improve

Here are a number of tips on how to improve your skills for each Essential Skill. Make sure you are continually building on your foundational skills by reviewing these documents:


Other Learning Tools


Do you struggle with math? It is common for people to be lacking in math skills and so we have provided a Trades Math Workbook that will help you improve your skills and be better able to succeed at school.


Just starting out in the trades as a student? There’s a list of things you can do before you start training to ensure you get the most out of the curriculum. Read about the resources available to improve your essential skills so that you can begin with a solid foundation for learning.


UAPICBC’s Foundation Learning Program: See what it takes to start the journey to becoming a tradesperson. Here is a sample weekly schedule for the Foundation program along with a daily overview of the course content and training schedule. See what you could be learning in our program.


Come to class prepared! This article will teach you what you need to do in order to be ready to learn in class. There are key Essential Skills for your Apprenticeship training that will facilitate your Learn to Learn skills.


Practice your reading, writing, numeracy and document use skills through a variety of exercises. This Essential Skills Workbook for the Trades has questions and answers to help you understand and build on your foundation for learning.


Red Seal Exam time? When you are nearing the completion of your training, there will be an exam that certifies you in the industry. If you are nearing completion and your test is coming up, this document will help you prepare for your Interprovincial Red Seal Exam. Get the Essential Skills needed to succeed at your Red Seal Exam.

Consider this site as a way to increase your ability in the essential skills by using the resources and learning tools provided. Go to the Resources page to find information on Study Skills, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, and many other useful tools, to gain confidence and achieve greater success in your trade.







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